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WordPress blows my life…so um…I packed my shit and moved. lol.



Yzr! You need to be there! Tell a friend to tell a friend. I’m tryna get a perfomance in there…

-clears throught-


But yeah show the man Dizzy your support people.

I’m gonna be helping my man promo like shit for this so yeah….this is NOT the LAST place you will see this flyer…


If you know anyone who knows anyone…tell then to contact me….


So…this could possibly be my LAST, yes I said LAST mixtape or collection of music… Enjoy.

Nando. “Continue?”




1. McCain

2. DC Sleeps

3. Handle Bars

4. Acoustic Freestyle ft. Wale

5. How To Hustle

6. Que Pasa ft. Azizi Gibson

7. Sweet Dreams

8. SR Theme (

9. Official

10. Like Us

11. 8 Mile Road

12. 93 Till…

13. Kickflip

Man…I’m really tired. I puts in work. If you want me you know where to find me…


I’ve noticed I’ve never had an official team, like people who believe and wanna get me to where I need to be. I’ve had a few, but all in all just let down by a lot of folks who told me they believed in me and either disappeared or just left me high and dry. I mean, it’s cool but yeah….When will I have my team? I’ve become impatient and now patient to the point where I don’t even care if I make it as a rapper. I can’t sell dreams for the rest of my life. Time to get a job, pay bills and become a family man. Something that 90% of my family members SUCK at. At this point I’ll help anyone who wants to be helped and not expect anything in return because it just happens all the time to where I feel numb towards people. So the question is, “Nando, are you gonna quit on music?” No. I’m gonna still do it but I don’t take this shit serious anymore. I feel like I’m 45 years old because of all the people I’ve been around and learned from that were older than me, now the bullshit of the industry has finally gotten to me and I’m fed up with it. As of now I’m looking for a band. If you know anyone at all that plays an instrument tell them to contact me with they’re name, age and the instrument that they play and send it to:,, and ASAP!!!!

Starting a rock/hip hop fusion band. If you are serious about this let me know immediately!!!


My blog as of today will no longer post anything NOT pertaining to me or the production team DMG. I will vent fustration towards the music industry and my LACK of egknowledgement in it, especially in THIS area of DC, Md and Va. Everyday life situations, and when I find my camera, pictures and video from an event that has happened that day….

Thank you.


I Like shit that’s funny, sorry.


DMV…Meet Dyme-a-Duzin (if that’s how you spell it…my bad…I think…lol.) Young dude based from NYC. He makes the BEST parody records I’ve EVER heard. Dude is super creative. Check out what he did you the WHOLE DMV’s favorive artist (and who every nigga from here wanna be like….mmhmmm….smfh…) Lil’ Wayne and T-Pain’s “I Can’t Believe It”…..Remember where you got it 1st.


I know some of you guys are like, “What the hell happened to Nando and his blog?” But people, I had to get my ish in order 1st. I’ve finally moved back to Maryland (again) and I have ALOT of catching up to do…so I apologize. Now, I wanna start off by saying YES WE DID! congrats to brother Barack for winning the presidency. I feel like there really is hope for anyone of any race in America after all…or…them crackers are just like, “Ok let the darkies win ONE election it won’t hurt. Were America we take chances for the better and worst.” (SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT…) Also as you know I did go to the GCC show in NYC and destroyed it and in the process of me going…I almost got robbed on Halloween night. haha! I was more excited than scared, idk why…lol. But yes, I’m gonna post some good shit! This is a new era, new beginning WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Allow me to re-introduce my self…”


Kanye West “Champion Video” Official Directed by NEON from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.